Black History Year

Talking Black with Dr. Sharese King

Talking Black with Dr. Sharese King

Black History Year - March 15, 2021 - 38:36

Black people have always created beauty from the bleakest conditions. And to survive in America, we even had to create our own language. This week on BHY, sociolinguist Dr. Sharese King explores the complexity of African American Vernacular English, the innovative spirit embedded in Black languages, and the cultural significance of how Black people talk. BHY is produced by PushBlack, the nation's largest non-profit Black media company - hit us up at and share this with your people!PushBlack exists because we saw we had to take this into our own hands. You make PushBlack happen with your contributions at​. Most people do 5 or 10 bucks a month, but everything makes a difference. Thanks for supporting the work.The Black History Year production team includes Tareq Alani, Abeni Jones, Patrick Sanders, Tasha Taylor, William Anderson, Jareyah Bradley, Brooke Brown, Shonda Buchanan, Briona Lamback, Akua Tay, Leslie Taylor-Grover, and Darren Wallace. Our producers are Cydney Smith and Ivana Tucker, who also edits the podcast. Black History Year’s Executive Producer is Julian Walker.

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Learning your history makes you - and your people - stronger. As Black people, we know we’re left out of the history books. That the media images are skewed. That we need access to experts, information and ideas so we can advance our people. Black History Year connects you to the history, thinkers, and activists that are left out of the mainstream conversations. You may not agree with everything you hear, but we’re always working toward one goal: uniting for the best interest of Black people worldwide. BHY is produced by PushBlack, the nation’s largest non-profit Black media company - hit us up at