Baking A Murder

30: She Faked HELPLESSNESS To See What Men Would Do & It's SHOCKING | Circe pt 2

30: She Faked HELPLESSNESS To See What Men Would Do & It's SHOCKING | Circe pt 2

Baking A Murder - June 2, 2022 - 1:38:00

A group of cold, hungry, lost men knocked on her front door. They were stranded and begging her to take them in for a hot meal. While she cooked, they sat politely. While she set the table, they sat politely. Even when she refilled their wine glasses, they sat politely. But once their bellies were full - the men couldn't help but look around at all the valuables in the home, and they couldn't help but stare at the beautiful host. "When does your husband get home? We must thank him for your hospitality." She doesn't have a husband. She lives alone. When she tells them that the energy shifts. The men start licking their lips, eyeing her body, till one gets up... and approaches her. They all had the same idea. They were going to "take turns with her." But they had no clue that she had slipped something into their drink and they were in for a world of pain.

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