Baking A Murder

14: #14- He Pretended To Be Blind Until He "Witnessed" A Murder (BAM Andhadhun)

14: #14- He Pretended To Be Blind Until He "Witnessed" A Murder (BAM Andhadhun)

Baking A Murder - June 22, 2021 - 1:01:13

A piano teacher was pretending to be blind so that he can be a step above his competition. People would often take advantage of him - tripping him, trying to take his money, and blatantly doing outrageous things in front of him. But when an elite power couple decides to go as far as committing murder in front of his very eyes while he plays the piano. What will he do now? How will he tell the police without giving himself up? And what happens when the couple becomes suspicious of his blindness and wants to eliminate him.

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