Baking A Murder

45. Nanny moves in with mysterious rich family only to be FRAMED for one of the kid’s MURDER

45. Nanny moves in with mysterious rich family only to be FRAMED for one of the kid’s MURDER

Baking A Murder - November 7, 2022 - 1:50:12

She thought it was the perfect job. A live-in nanny position in a remote mansion, a generous salary, and the picture perfect family. What was there to be scared of?Well, maybe the fact that the past 4 nannies quit immediately saying that the house was haunted. But she knew that she couldn’t pass up the chance. It wasn’t about the money, or the job for her; she wanted to be part of this perfect family. She wanted to live with them. Use their kitchen. She wanted to get close to them. But her first week on the job, everything fall apart. One of the children ends up dead, she’s covered in her blood, being blackmailed by a family member, and framed for murder. It seems like everyone in the house has a dark secret - even the kids. Book: early Black Friday sale is on now! Vessi is giving away a pair of socks of your choice to the first 100 shoes sold using my code SOCKSBAM. Get your style and size you want now before they sell out! Check out their Early Black Friday sale at Free shipping to CA, US, AU,JP, TW, KR, SGP. Go to https://JULIECARE.CO to learn more or find Julie at your nearest Walmart today Go to and use code baking599 to get $5.99 per meal on your 1st box, and your 1st box ships free! Go to to sign up for a Chime Checking Account today! Thanks to Chime for supporting the show

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