Baking A Murder

70. CEO’s Wife Caught Her Son’s Tutor Wearing Her Clothes & Pretending To Be Her

70. CEO’s Wife Caught Her Son’s Tutor Wearing Her Clothes & Pretending To Be Her

Baking A Murder - August 8, 2023 - 1:31:42

It was hard not to be jealous of Hee-Soo. She was married to the son of a billionaire, her husband was next in line to be CEO of a billion dollar corporation, and he loved her very much. She had a stepson that she loved dearly (his biological mom passed away).But in this world, everyone was jealous from afar. Nobody dared cross the line with Hee-Soo. Except Jacquelyn. Hee-Soo’s stepson’s new tutor. Jacquelyn isn’t afraid to play mind games with Hee-Soo. Even when Hee-Soo catches her sneaking into her closet and wearing her expensive gowns at night - Jacquelyn takes off the gown right in front of her face to reveal a skimpy night dress. It feels like Jacquelyn wants to replace Hee-Soo and isn’t even trying to hide the fact- but what on Earth is making her so ballsy? All signs point to her being the son’s biological mother - but I thought she was dead?

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