Baking A Murder

40. The mental asylum island that traps every visitor and treats them as crazy

40. The mental asylum island that traps every visitor and treats them as crazy

Baking A Murder - September 12, 2022 - 1:09:48

He was asked to investigate the case of an escaped prisoner from the mysterious mental asylum on Shutter Island.The island itself housed some of the most dangerous criminals in the entire world, and they were all considered “criminally insane.” And the only way on and off the island was by boat that was controlled by the asylum. One of the prisoners had gotten loose and was somewhere on that very island, and it was pertinent that the detective finds her. But the minute he stepped foot on the island, something felt off. Like nobody wanted to find the escaped prisoner. The guards, the doctors, the nurses, they all seemed more interested in him. And they were making him feel crazy. They were treating him like he was losing his mind. Is insanity contagious, or was that part of the asylum’s plan? To never let him go?

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