Baking A Murder

31: In the future, you use TIME as MONEY so the RICH can live FOREVER

31: In the future, you use TIME as MONEY so the RICH can live FOREVER

Baking A Murder - June 13, 2022 - 1:20:44

When you turn 25 years old you stop genetically aging. This should be good news, right? Everyone gets to live forever in their young body - immortality at it’s finest. But in order to control overpopulation, everyone only gets just one free year after turning 25. So technically the clock starts at 25. You’re racing to buy more time or else you die at 26. How do you do that? In the future, there is no more money. Everything is time. Time is money. You work - you get paid in time. You sell something - you get paid in time. But what happens when you see a man with a hundred years walk by? Would you kill to steal his years?

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