Baking A Murder

46. Therapist pretends to fall in love with patient to get revenge…

46. Therapist pretends to fall in love with patient to get revenge…

Baking A Murder - November 21, 2022 - 1:21:47

He was a mentalist. Someone who tricks people out of their money. He makes them believe that he has the answers that they need in order to be successful. And for a while, it worked. A little too well. He helped some of the elite politicians in New York City get exactly what they want… But what if what they wanted now - was him dead?He went to his therapist for help, peace, comfort, and, ultimately for love. But the minute he started falling in love with her was the minute his life was over. Because she knew who he really was. She saw him for him. And she wanted to take him down no matter what the cost.The question today is - can you manipulate the manipulator?

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