Baking A Murder

51. She killed his friend so he kept her captive in his castle filled with secrets

51. She killed his friend so he kept her captive in his castle filled with secrets

Baking A Murder - January 9, 2023 - 3:05:37

She killed his friend. She knew she shouldn’t have but what was she supposed to do? After everything they had done to her and her family. Besides, she had every reason to think she would get away with it.That is till he showed up at her door. He demanded payment, an eye for an eye. She would come and live with him, trapped in his house and live out the rest of her days there. It was a generous offer to not kill her right then and there.But when she arrived at the beautiful estate she realized things were more than unsettling. She felt constantly watched, there were voices in the woods, strange bonfire parties that she wasn’t allowed to attend, and more urgently there was something intriguing and alarming about her captor.Audiobook:

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