Baking A Murder

67. Her Garden Smells Like Dead Bodies But Her Husband & Son Keep Gaslighting Her

67. Her Garden Smells Like Dead Bodies But Her Husband & Son Keep Gaslighting Her

Baking A Murder - July 10, 2023 - 1:29:49

She knew what death smelled like - years ago, she was the one that discovered her dead’s sisters body. She would never forget that smell. After moving into the new mansion in South Korea - she could have sworn the smell was coming back to haunt her. Every time she walked near the back yard she got a whiff, and her traumatic memories would flash before her eyes. Was it her sister? No. There was no way… but then what was the smell?She tried to get her husband and son to sniff around in the backyard, but they all treated her like she was crazy. Like she was just traumatized from her sister’s murder. But one day, a neighbor stops by and mutters the spine-chilling words “Oh my, what’s that smell.” She knew she wasn’t crazy, but why would her family lie to her then?

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