Baking A Murder

24: #24- He Made Perfume Out Of Beautiful Women & Everyone Went Crazy For It

24: #24- He Made Perfume Out Of Beautiful Women & Everyone Went Crazy For It

Baking A Murder - February 26, 2022 - 1:32:44

He had a nose unlike any other in Paris. Legend has it - he could smell the ocean from 2,500 miles away. It was no wonder he would grew up to be the master of perfumes. One that would create not just amazing, elevated, and entrancing scents. But scents that could be powerful enough to control others around you when you wear it. Ever wish you could put your loved one in your little pocket, carry them around with you, and smell their intoxicating scent everywhere you went? Well what if you could? All you have to do - is sacrifice your loved one.

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