Baking A Murder

26: She Was Forced To Eat Her Best Friend - "FRESH" Movie Explained

26: She Was Forced To Eat Her Best Friend - "FRESH" Movie Explained

Baking A Murder - March 30, 2022 - 1:00:53

He was the perfect catch. They had met at the grocery store in the produce section. How romantic, right? A successful doctor, handsome, and he knows how to cook. How did she get so lucky? He gently places a plate down in front of her. Another delicious home cooked meal. He said this one is worth $30,000. Only the best ingredients for his girl. “Who is it this time?” - she asked. "it’s Melissa"- He tells her. She smiles, lifts her arm up to take a bite, and the chain rattles next to her. She knew Melissa. Melissa was nice. And now, Melissa is dinner.

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