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Remember All That Teen Angst? (feat. Fefe Dobson and Hannah Giorgis)

Remember All That Teen Angst? (feat. Fefe Dobson and Hannah Giorgis)

Back Issue - October 19, 2020 - 47:48

Sugar We're Going Down, Gotta Get Outta This Town This week, Josh and Tracy take you back to days of dark eyeliner and teen angst to give you all things Black and Alternative. First, they unpack the meaning and history of Alternative Music with help from cultural critic Hannah Giorgis. Then, they sit down with living rock legend Fefe Dobson to talk about her music, defying categorization, and forging your own path as a Black creative.Additional Material By: Indiana University (Bloomington), Key Media, Freeform, 550 Music / Epic Records, Warner Bros. Television Studios, Warner Records Inc., Blink 420, Specialty Records, ROXVOX, Atlantic Records / Decca Records / Polydor Records, Columbia, Virgin Records Ltd., Viacom CBS Domestic Media Networks, CW/Warner Bros., Trauma Records / Interscope Records, Rawkus Records / Priority Records.Production Music courtesy of For transcriptions, please visit our website at

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Back Issue reminisces on moments in pop culture’s past that have shaped our present. Each episode brings personal reflection, incredible guests, and plenty of deep belly laughs. This season our co-pilot Tracy Clayton is taking a break, so Josh Gwynn has invited some very special guest co-hosts to share their perspective on some of the most formative stories in pop culture. We start out with not just another hair story but a conversation about the gendered politics of specific hairstyles as Josh sets out on a mission to get a silk press. We’ll also reflect on iconic award speeches, explore what our brains do on gossip, break down the backstories of Degrassi and Cheetah Girls, decide if Josh should become the next Black ex-pat, and discuss which multi-hyphenate performers are deserving of their flowers.