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Remember What Beef Is? (Feat. Jean Grae)

Remember What Beef Is? (Feat. Jean Grae)

Back Issue - November 16, 2020 - 46:60

Day or Night, It's About To Be A What? Girl Fight! This week, Josh and Tracy give you all things beefs, feuds, and squabbles. They explore one of the most formative feuds of their youth — Brandy vs. Monica — and get into where they were when one of the most shocking diss tracks of our time dropped (hint: it involves a pink diamond chicken wing chain). Then, rapper and talented multi-hyphenate Jean Grae joins to share why she thinks beefs are so essential to the world of hip hop.Additional Material By: GOOD Music / Def Jam Recordings, Island Records, ViacomCBS, Bravo/NBC, True Entertainment/Bravo/NBC, ABC, True Entertainment/Bravo/NBC, Vibe Magazine/Eldridge Industries, Bungalow Records/Universal, 20th Century Fox/Disney, TMZ/Warner Bros, ViacomCBS, True Entertainment/Bravo/NBC, ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks, GOOD Music/Terrance Levarr Thornton, Atlantic Records, Epic Records / Columbia Records, PMRC, VladTV, Harpo Productions/Discovery Inc, NBC Universal News, Empire Distribution, A Band Apart / Miramax Films, Jean Grae, CW/Warner Bros., Dreamville Records/Universal Music Group, NONAME, BET HER/ViacomCBS.Production Music courtesy of For transcriptions, please visit our website at

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Remember when Monica allegedly punched Brandy right before they performed live at the MTV Video Music Awards? When Freaknik took over Atlanta, and changed the game for parties everywhere? When tasteless critics panned Mariah Carey’s Glitter? (#JusticeforGlitter!) When Beyonce told Farrah that someone could send her luggage? We do!Back Issue tells the stories behind formative moments in pop culture. In each episode we look back at some of the moments that shook us, that changed us. Join Tracy Clayton (host of Netflix’s Strong Black Legends, Mailchimp’s Going Through It) and Pineapple Street Studios Senior Producer Josh Gwynn as they reckon with some of culture’s biggest questions, from "How did we let this happen?" to ‘Why do we still love this?" Because nostalgia is more than just a feeling. Got an issue you’d like us to investigate? Hit the Back Issue Hotline at (678)-74ISSUE.