Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

exposing myself

exposing myself

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain - March 26, 2021 - 37:56

We've all had some pretty embarrassing moments in our lives. Emma has had plenty, and she's here to share them all. From awkward kiss experiences, to the things her cleaning lady finds under her bed, and what is she doing while in bed with someone else???

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Emma prefers to share her thoughts with a microphone rather than a physical human being, so thank god she has a podcast. Recorded from the comfort of her bed, Emma talks at length about whatever is on her mind every week. Anything really does go on this podcast. Sometimes philosophy, sometimes a random story from 10 years ago, sometimes advice, and sometimes nothing at all. You never know what you are going to get, but that’s what keeps it interesting. New episodes every Thursday.