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COVID and Big Pharma

COVID and Big Pharma

America Dissected - April 14, 2020 - 28:19

The drug hydroxycholoroquine has been all over the news because President Trump and other claim, without scientific evidence, that its a cure for COVID-19.But hydroxycholoroquine does have a lot of practical uses, and many people depend on it. Abdul speaks with a woman that relies on the drug to live, and is worried about its depletion. Then Abdul looks at the way that medications and vaccines are researched and developed with Zain Rizvi, a Law & Policy Researcher at Public Citizen and an expert on drug pricing.

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The pandemic reminds us that when it comes to health, there’s so much more out there to understand—like how new genetic discoveries could change our relationship with our genes or how climate change could accelerate the next pandemic. In season 3, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, physician and former city health commissioner, talks to doctors, scientists, culture makers, and policy leaders to dissect how science, policy, and culture shape health. New episodes of America Dissected every Tuesday.