"Memory Is Eloquent" with Lois Lowry

"Memory Is Eloquent" with Lois Lowry

"Memory Is Eloquent" with Lois Lowry

70 Over 70 - September 28, 2021 - 38:40

Donalda McGeachy shares how she is still learning to overcome new challenges at age 101. Then Max talks with Lois Lowry about how writing books for young adults has helped her prepare for her own death. --Know someone who should be on 70 Over 70? We’re looking for all types of stories and people to feature at the top of the show. To nominate yourself or someone else, email 70over70@pineapple.fm or call 302-659-7070 and tell us your name, age, where you’re from and what you want to talk about.

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